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Logo der Firma Hasebikes Spezialräder - company logo of Hase special bikes

Note: Many Hase products are built to suit the rider with additions to the base model, so listing the MSRP is not practical.  Where appropriate, the BASE model MSRP is listed.  Other models are built up from the base ("Custom")model.  We'll work with you to build your optimal machine at the best price!

Base prices shown in BLUE (S&H, Customs, and Sales Tax not included)  

 KettWiesel Allround  Base model MSRP $3599


Sporty, flexible, multi-faceted – a classic trike proves its diversity. KettWiesel aficionados will find themselves well up in the field with the light version of our cult trike. The new aluminium frame not only makes your favourite trike lighter, it also makes you look good. The new KettWiesel AL combines tried-and-tested advantages with numerous brand-new technical features.

KettWiesel Ride  "Custommade"

The Free Ride feeling for Adventurous People.  Just right for the sporty rider the - Kettwiesel Ride. The Free Ride verson of the famous Kettwiesel is not afraid of steep curves and leisurely masters every terrain.Whether on rough forest tracks, fast rubble runs or in speedy Trike races - with its low centre of gravity and the safe back support you surely get every curve. Dare to dare!
The absolute
freedom on three wheels awaits you!

KettWiesel Tour  "Custommade"
"Trike & Travel"


KettWiesel Fast  "Custommade"

And the third wheel guarantees fun in the front, with only 16 super-light spokes. The rigid fork is made from fine carbon – as are the brake levers of the strong but ultralight Magura brakes.
What could fit better to a polished aluminum frame than the matt black of carbon? With its 15 kg (33 lbs), the Fast is the lightest trike, and its design alone will have your heart racing: Drop the seat back, click into the pedals, and zoom off!


Lepus  MSRP $4898
"the multi-functional comfort trike"

Sporty, spacious, foldable - the new Lepus is convincing with its flexibility and individuality.  While the standerd setting is the same as with the previous model, the height of the Lepus now can be adjusted even more precisely.

Lepus Comfort  MSRP $4998

The Lepus Comfort assures an expecially relaxing riding experience. The upright seating position and the very low bottom bracket assure your safety and a comfortable posture.

Pino Custom (Base Model) MSRP $5200
"the world's most flexible tandem"


Flexible and family friendly: The mesh seat can be adjusted, and the telescoping frame ensures perfect pedaling comfort for riders from 1.50 to 2.00 m (4’11” to 6’7”) in height. The 27 gears combined with the power of four legs bring the team to top speeds. With the strong Magura Louise disc brakes, you will always have absolute control.
The team can cruise and enjoy a nice conversation … and a shared view of the horizon.

We recently received our showroom demo Pino, and it's a beautiful machine!  Test ride it today!



Pino Tour  "Tour"

The Tubus luggage rack and Hase lowrider rack can handle 40 kg (90 lbs). The lowrider carries up to four panniers without affecting the Pino’s solid handling. The parked Pino also knows no wobbling. The Hase double kickstand makes the fully loaded tandem almost untippable. The handlebars can be adjusted to the ergonomic needs of the captain: The longer the route, the more comfortable the vehicle must be. And Pinoists pine for the long haul …


Pino Fast  "Custommade"


With the strong backing of the carbon front seat, the stoker can put full power in the pedals. With Magura Louise disc brakes, the adrenalin is perfectly dosed for the next curve – with precision deceleration: together with the light Schwalbe Stelvio racing tires, a perfect safety-speed combo. And each rider has a mere 8 kg (15 lbs) to move. Fasten your seatbelts!


Trets Trike MSRP $3499
Trets Trailer MSRP $2399

"trailer, tandem, and trike - all in one!"

Ingenuity is always simple. Like Trets: Simply let yourself be towed. Simply pedal along. And: Simply ride off on your own! The new Trets is a trailer, tandem module, and trike all in one. An ingenious all - rounder!

Handbike  "Custommade"
Can be built up from  base model Lepus (MSRP $7645)or Kettwiesel (MSRP $6599)

The nine gears on the grip can be shifted with a twist of the wrist – and for more intimidating uphill stretches, the Schlumpf two-speed gear mechanism: A light touch is all it takes to double the gears. Speed can be both fun AND safe! Thanks to its trike geometry, the Handbike hugs the road, and with the strong hydraulic Magura disc brakes, it’s ready for any challenge. Riding fun with built-in safety!